Stephanie’s Story

Cancer changes a child's life...

So does Camp. Recent Ooch graduate, Stephanie, talks about the impact Ooch and cancer have had on her life.  Thank you Stephanie for sharing your story.

Stephanie and friends in adventure gear embracing each other and smiling in front of adventure course

Camp Ooch gave me a place of belonging when I felt my most lost. As a teen with cancer my typical day was very different from a normal teenager. Camp gave me the opportunity to connect with other teens that were going through the exact same roller coaster ride that I was. Camp also helped me rediscover who I was, who I am and who I wanted to be. During the many Leadership programs I recognized the type of person I wanted to be and with the support of Ooch staff was able to set goals to become that person.

I remember a distinct moment that will stay with me as I graduate Camp Oochigeas as a Camper. While sitting in Gatts’ Lodge, a group of Campers led us in a song. I became overwhelmed as I realized the lives that cancer and Ooch have affected.

To be surrounded by such positive people in such a dark place in my life, and to have had incredible opportunities (that I wouldn’t have had without Ooch) has helped me become a person full of life. Cancer may have changed my life, but Camp Ooch made a much larger change.

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