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This is a group of individuals who are dedicating their run/walk/cheer to Camp Oochigeas, and are committed to raising $3,500- the cost to send one child to Camp Ooch for two weeks.

Become a part of this amazing team, and see how you can make a difference in the lives of children affected by childhood cancer.

The Dream Team Commitment

Each individual commits to raising $3,500 for Camp Oochigeas by May 15, 2012. This will send one child to camp for two weeks. A credit card number must be submitted, but will only be charged the remaining balance if the $3,500 goal is not reached.

Steve and Anne Wolfe, camper parents and Dream Team members, have been a part of the Dream Team since it started in 2010. Read what Steve had to say about how Ooch has made an impact in their lives and why they decided to join the Dream Team:

This is truly one of the great causes out there - taking a child who has been poked, prodded, has swallowed so many pills that they don't even think about it anymore, and putting them in a setting where for 2 short weeks they can just be a kid again. Playing games, doing crafts, going for a boat ride, and singing around the fire - all the things that "normal" kids do at camp. But these kids aren't normal - they are extraordinary, like the staff and volunteers who transport them out of their realities - constantly going to the hospital, many being home schooled, always reminded that they are different by the way their friends treat them. Camp Ooch takes them away from all that!! 

Please help us make a difference for a child dealing with cancer by transporting them away from their reality and help give them the strength to get through their ordeal the same way that Camp Ooch helped Noah.

Thank You,
Anne & Steve, Noah & Sarah

The Dream Team VIP Treatment

1. Camp Ooch will register you for the Sporting Life 10K for free!

2. You will receive a limited edition Ooch Technical Shirt to wear on race day with pride!

3. Camp Ooch will provide one-on-one communication which includes fundraising and training tips.

4. The Dream Team will receive recognition at the post race party.

5. A special Ooch thank you recognition piece will be sent to you to show our appreciation.

6. An invitation to Camp Ooch for a private tour of our site in Muskoka.

Join the Dream Team!

To join the Dream Team challenge click here to set up your online fundraising page.

For more information please contact Lindsay Knox at or
call 416-961-6624 ext. 251.

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Dedicate your run/walk/cheer to Camp Oochigeas! Commit to raising $3,500, the cost to send one child to Camp Ooch for two weeks.