Mike’s Story

Mike Baldassarra on giving back

Mike believes, “Giving back to the community is important to me and my family. It makes you stronger and we need people to give back.”

Mike Baldassarra grew up in a philanthropic family. His father, Carlo, co-founded Canada’s largest homebuilder Greenpark Homes, and the Baldassarra family has always been committed to giving back to their community.


A cause worth supporting

Mike was originally introduced to Camp Ooch through a friend. When he heard about the work Camp Ooch does to support kids and families facing a childhood cancer diagnosis, he immediately stepped up to help.

Mike’s commitment to Ooch is personal and he feels connected to the organization and “gives to Ooch because it’s a cause that is close to my heart”. He has dear friends who have been affected by childhood cancer; he has seen firsthand the difficult times that families go through when they have a child who has been diagnosed with cancer.

“[I feel] the need to support families going through a loss. Children are a gift. When you lose someone close you want to help out families who are going through something they can’t control.”

He knows that moments of joy can be few and far between on the cancer journey; he recognizes and appreciates how the Magic of Ooch can help kids with cancer just be kids.


Mike’s big impact

When approached by Ooch to contribute to the expansion of the Ooch Muskoka, Mike knew he wanted to do something towards construction efforts. Mike originally wanted to provide the concrete for the foundation of the site – but when that proved complicated, he simply stepped forward and paid for all of the concrete that was required for the project.

Mike has been a true philanthropic leader throughout the process of expanding Ooch Muskoka. He not only provided the foundation for the site, he provided the foundation for a new Baldassarra Ooch legacy – many more kids affected by childhood cancer from across Ontario will have the chance to experience the fun and friendship of overnight Camp at Ooch for decades to come.

Mike’s message to Campers is brief but powerful: “You are true warriors!”

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