Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fundraising

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Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) online fundraising pages allow you to create your own page, share it with friends and family, and collect donations on behalf of Camp Ooch – all in the same day.

Reasons to fundraise

Camp Ooch is a privately funded nonprofit organization that helps kids affected by childhood cancer just be kids. Our In-Hospital, Community and Overnight programs bring magic, laughter and fun to families across Ontario, year-round. Even COVID-19 can’t stop camp—new in 2020 are virtual programs that will help us reach the same number of kids and families as ever!

We rely on hundreds of Volunteers and donations from people like you so that we can continue to provide the social cure for cancer to kids and their families in any stage of their cancer journey.

Right now, only 21% of kids with childhood cancer in Ontario can go to camp – we need your help so that we can bring more Ooch to more kids, closer to home.

Organizing your own Camp Ooch fundraiser is a great way to spread the word and make a big impact on the lives of Ooch Campers.

Camper and two volunteers waving from platform of adventure course in the forest

Camp Ooch was probably the first place where I didn’t feel so different anymore. I was surrounded by people just like me having a great time and laughing, and it made me feel comfortable enough to just be myself and not the “kid with cancer".

— Larissa, Ooch Camper

Read Larissa's story

Create your own DIY fundraiser

DIY fundraising pages are an easy way to promote your very own fundraising event, no matter the size. Your page is completely free and registration will only take a few minutes.

A DIY fundraising page allows you to:

  • Upload your own pictures and tell your story
  • Collect donations for Camp Ooch and display well-wishes from guests
  • Display your fundraising goal and the current amount raised
  • Encourage friends and family to donate via social media sharing or by sending outreach emails

Your customizable page will be displayed on our fundraiser listing beside other creative fundraising pages and events.


Fundraising ideas

There’s no limit to the type of fundraising you can do for Camp Ooch! If you plan to organize your own event or fundraising campaign and collect donations online, then DIY fundraising may be right for you.

Encourage your organization, school, or community to raise money by:

  • Hosting a virtual fundraising event—check out our new 2020 guide here.
  • Starting a bike-a-thon or walk-a-thon
  • Hosting a backyard barbeque
  • Running a community yard sale or auction
  • Hosting a holiday-themed fundraiser
  • Vowing to do something bold, exciting, or fun if your fundraising goal is met

Whatever you decide to do, get creative and be sure to share your fundraising page!

Fundraising in action


gives our In-Hospital program Campers hours of globby, goopy fun with homemade slime


gives a bereaved sibling a week of new friendships and adventure with Teomul Overnight programming at Ooch Muskoka


sends 3 kids to a week of Ooch Day Camp in Toronto, London or Ottawa

Download our toolkit for tips on how to organize and promote your fundraiser

Guide to getting started

How to get started

Once you’ve determined how you’ll fundraise and your fundraising goal, you can start to create your DIY fundraising page.

First, create an account on our fundraising platform, then complete the registration form and finally, start creating and customizing your page.

Our staff will add your page to our Ooch fundraiser listing page within two business days.

Happy fundraising!

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fundraiser and hosting an event?

A DIY fundraiser allows you to create your own fundraising page instantly so that you can promote your fundraiser and collect donations online.

Hosting an event is a good option for fundraisers who want help from Ooch volunteers or events where some (or all) donations occur offline. We can set up an online donation page on your behalf, if interested.

How long will my fundraising page live on the Ooch website?

Your fundraising page will be displayed on the Ooch website under current fundraisers until the end date you select when registering your event. After this date your fundraising page will remain live until the end of the year.

Help kids just be kids

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Other ways to fundraise for Ooch

Host an event

Looking to organize a special fundraising event with help from the Ooch team? We'll work with you to make your event a success.

Create an In Honour page

Create a custom In Honour fundraising page so that you can collect donations for Ooch from friends and family. Celebrate a milestone or the memory of a loved one and spread more Ooch Magic!

Contact us for more information

We're here to answer your questions about ways to fundraise for Camp Ooch.

Arden Forbes

Development Coordinator, Community Giving