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From races and golf tournaments, to wedding celebrations or memorial pages, find the fundraising option that works for you. Your efforts will help us make every year of Ooch outshine the last.

Guide to getting started

What we do

Camp Ooch is a privately funded, volunteer-based organization that helps kids affected by childhood cancer just be kids. Our In-Hospital, Community and Overnight programs bring Magic and joy to kids and families across Ontario, at any stage of their cancer journey. Even COVID-19 can’t stop camp—new in 2020 are virtual programs that will help us reach the same number of kids and families as ever!

Last year, 1,600 kids and families experienced the social cure for cancer, at Ooch, but we need your help to reach thousands more, closer to home.

Three campers being pulled on inflatable couch on the lake

"All your efforts mean so much to so many people like me. [...] We rely on community fundraisers and donations to make Camp possible."

— Maddy, Ooch Camper

Ways to fundraise

Create a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) fundraiser

Have an idea on how to raise money for Camp Ooch? Register your DIY fundraiser and create your own custom fundraising page in minutes. DIY pages are a fun and easy way to instantly share your event and collect donations online.

DIY Fundraising View all fundraisers

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Host an event

Looking to host a special event (e.g. galas, golf tournaments or team-based events) but need some support from Ooch? Register your event today to let us know how we can help with the preparations! Our team can also set up an optional, customized online fundraising page to help you collect donations.

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Create an In Honour fundraiser

Celebrate an important milestone, occasion, or honour the life of a loved one with an In Honour fundraising page. Learn how to set up your own online fundraising page and collect donations from friends, family, or other generous friends of Ooch now.

In Honour fundraising In Honour listing

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Frequently asked questions

Which fundraising option is right for me?

A DIY fundraiser is great if you want to fundraise online and get started right away. Events are right for you if your event takes place offline or if you’d like help from Ooch to set up your page.

If you’d like to honour a person’s memory and collect donations for an extended period of time, an In Honour page may be your best option.

I don't need an online fundraising page but I still want Ooch to support and promote my fundraising event. What should I do?

Go to the host an event page for more information or complete the registration and agreement form. The team at Ooch will then be in touch to discuss your event.

What will happen to the money I've helped raise?

Every donation will help give kids affected by childhood cancer from across Ontario the chance to just be kids. Learn more about where your donations go and how your support makes our work possible.

Contact us

We're happy to answer any fundraising questions during regular business hours, every Monday to Friday.

Arden Forbes

Development Coordinator, Community Giving

Contact Arden for DIY and fundraising event support.

Rachel Bouck

Development Coordinator, Annual Giving

Rachel can answer your questions about In Honour fundraising.