Accountability to our community

We believe in being accountable to you. You’ll find our annual and impact reports below, a list of donors and volunteers, and links to financial and policy information. View our report on the CRA Charity Directorate’s website here.

Impact reporting

The impact of our programs is felt in the daily lives of kids and families affected by childhood cancer through in-hospital, community, and overnight camp programs. Our 2020 Year-to-Date report will soon be published. In it, you’ll discover that even COVID-19 can’t stop camp!

2019 Impact Report 2020 Year-to-Date

Latest annual report

Thanks to donors, volunteers, partners and other supporters, 2019 was one of our most successful years yet! Regional expansion and accessibility enhancements take centre stage. View our financial statements and our list of generous donors and volunteers below.

2019 Annual Report 2019 Financial Statements

Thank you for making a difference in 2019


2019 Donors

To our valued community members—every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these lists. Questions and concerns can be directed to Angela Barbieri, Director, Donor Services at 416-961-6624 ext. 213, or

*Indicates event sponsor


  • Lisa A. Rogers
  • The Slaight Family Foundation

$250,000 – $999,999

  • Emmanuelle Gattuso & Allan Slaight
  • Sandy McIntyre
  • Stuart & Kim Lang
  • The Annual Charity BBQ at the Queens Quay LCBO

$100,000 – $249,999

  • Sporting Life Inc.
  • Oliver & Shirin Bock
  • The Temerty Foundation
  • BMO Financial Group*
  • Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • Estate of Richard LaPrairie
  • Michael & Carrie DeGroote
  • RBC Capital Markets
  • The Edward and Suzanne Rogers Foundation
  • 3 Anonymous Donor

$50,000 – $99,999

  • Donner Canadian Foundation
  • Rexall Care Network
  • Estate of Helen G Manson
  • PlayStation Canada
  • The Estate of Madge Martin
  • Wise Family Foundation
  • Andy & Sue Redmond
  • Stan & Evan Dunford
  • David & Lynn Coriat
  • The Don & Shirley Green Family Charitable Foundation
  • Hydro One Networks Inc.
  • The Taylor Group*
  • Scotiabank
  • The Lillian Meighen and Don Wright Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999

  • The Maister Family
  • RSM US Foundation
  • John D. and Patricia Fielding Family
  • The Bedolfe Foundation
  • TSX Inc. (TMX Group)
  • Jason Cloth
  • Miles, Kelly and the Nadal Family*
  • Salah J. Bachir & Jacob Yerex and Cineplex Media
  • Muskoka Lakes Marine
  • Gabrielle Chevalier
  • Sofina Foundation
  • The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation
  • The Kavelman Fonn Foundation*
  • Kinross Gold Corporation
  • The Don and Joan Walker Family Charitable Trust
  • James Scarlett
  • Stephen Turvey
  • CIBC Children’s Foundation
  • Ira Gluskin & Maxine Granovsky Gluskin
  • National Steel Car Limited
  • Ottawa Senators Foundation
  • Brian D. Rustige, Son of Herbert and Ethelwynne Rustige
  • The Alastair & Jennifer Murray Foundation
  • The Dr. Charles and Margaret Brown Foundation
  • The Lawrason Foundation
  • The Leonard and Gabryela Osin Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999

  • BloombergSen Investment Partners
  • Patrick Brigham & Deb Fisher
  • Kololian Family
  • Axel & Karyn Rasmussen
  • Diageo Canada Inc.*
  • Scarborough Toyota
  • Ronald Williamson & Debbie Steiss
  • Andy & Beth Burgess
  • Gordon Waites & Tracy Tennant
  • Marc Gerofsky
  • Mary Pat & Bob Armstrong
  • Frederick & Anne Conlin
  • Brad & Sara Dunkley
  • Anne & Ron Fawcett
  • Ruth Howey
  • Moez & Marissa Kassam
  • Nancy Lockhart
  • TD Securities Underwriting Hope Fund
  • The Dalglish Family Foundation
  • The Garron Foundation
  • The LivWise Foundation
  • Westminster College Foundation
  • Minto Foundation Inc.
  • Travelers Canada
  • Rick Goldberg
  • Coldwell Banker Muskoka Brokerage*
  • Myles Mindham & Stephen Gilles*
  • The Angela & David Feldman Family Foundation
  • Saul & Toby Feldberg and Family*
  • LEGO Canada Inc.
  • Jeff & Susan Parr
  • The Silver Hotel Group Ruparell Foundation*
  • The Gerald Schwartz & Heather Reisman Foundation
  • The Sherry & Sean Bourne Family Charitable Foundation
  • London Hunt and Country Club
  • Jay Mandarino
  • The Linda Frum & Howard Sokolowski Charitable Foundation
  • Newell
  • Lynda & Jonas Prince
  • PICCO Engineering
  • Savills Inc.
  • Labatt Breweries of Canada*
  • Cactus Restaurants Ltd.
  • Cameron Mingay & Christina Budweth
  • Donald K. Johnson
  • David Malkin & Karen Ceifets
  • Jon & Nancy Love
  • Chip & Lyn Coombs
  • John & Jo-Anne Kennedy
  • Spin Master Ltd.
  • The Beaton Family
  • Art & Mary Jane Crooks
  • Donald F. Hunter Charitable Foundation
  • Dr. Stanely Berstein & Family
  • Nancy Duncan
  • Ronnen Harary
  • Hobgoblin Foundation
  • Home Trust Company
  • Jam3
  • Carl Kawaja
  • KOA Care Camps of Canada
  • Viki & Meni Lazaris
  • Ken Librot
  • Paul & Marylou Little
  • Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation
  • Frank & Jennifer Maeba
  • Douglas McCallum
  • David & Audrey Mirvish
  • Ottawa Community Foundation
  • RP Investment Advisors LP
  • Kaelen Sherman
  • Takla Foundation
  • The Browning Watt Foundation
  • The McLean Foundation
  • Robert G. West
  • Michelle Connolly & Carlo Odorico
  • Michael Bregman & Family
  • 5 Anonymous donors

$5,000 – $9,999

  • Roxanne Earle & Raghunath Kilambi*
  • Black & McDonald Limited
  • TELUS Communication Inc.
  • Bruce & Sandy Phillips
  • The Estate of David John Darwent Harris
  • Foss National Leasing
  • Theo Michalarias & Patricia Katsis
  • Mark & Melissa Redmond
  • Bailey Metal Products Limited
  • The Hunt Family Charitable Foundation
  • The Great-West Life Assurance Company
  • Lenny & Evelyn Binder
  • Creaghan McConnell Group Ltd.
  • Paul Richards
  • Tory Family
  • Tania Bruno
  • Hugh Atkin
  • The Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund
  • Bekir Elmaagacli
  • David Hanna
  • Terry Favot
  • Sun Life Financial
  • Brian & Susan Thomas Foundation
  • The Stanton Family
  • Frances Battaglia
  • Gordon & Christy Cook
  • Sophie Saeys
  • George Vassallo
  • Michael Boynton
  • Decca Janitorial Services
  • Andrew Jones
  • Fernande & Marco Zevy Endowment Fund
  • Soham Ajmera
  • Joan & Charles Mercer
  • Joan & Andrew Hill
  • ACME Operations, LLC
  • Alice and Murray Maitland Foundation
  • The P. Austin Family Foundation
  • Bernard and Norton Wolf Family Foundation
  • A. Richard Coles & Marilyn Coles
  • CPFM Holdings Inc.
  • Dawn Tattle Family Foundation
  • Entertainment One Films Canada Inc
  • Gordon & Wendy Goldenson
  • David & Mariella Holmes
  • Innocon Inc.
  • John Brooks Company Limited
  • Lafarge Canada
  • Claude LeBlanc
  • Suzanne H. Meehan
  • Nadir Mohamed
  • Christina Mulcahy
  • Melani Norman
  • G Scott Paterson Foundation
  • Rabcon Contractors Ltd.
  • Cynthia Simon-Skjodt
  • The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited
  • The Evald Torokvei Foundation
  • The Henry White Kinnear Foundation
  • The Knightsgrange Foundation
  • The Lighthouse Group of RBC Dominion Securities
  • The Norman and Margaret Jewison Charitable Foundation
  • Mary Van Patter
  • Vipe Construction Ltd.
  • William and Nona Heaslip Foundation
  • Anonymous

2019 Gift-In-Kind Donors

*Indicates Gala Sponsor

  • Avante Security*
  • A&C
  • Beetham Electric Inc.
  • Mark Belford
  • Bravo Academy
  • Cavalcade Ford Lincoln Sales Ltd.
  • Children’s Garden Eco Camp
  • CIBC – HR Enablement
  • Donnelley Financial Solutions
  • Emco
  • Fight Like Mason Foundation
  • Jeff Fleischmann
  • ICON*
  • Amy Korosi
  • LifeLabs
  • Magicana
  • Muskoka Chrysler Sales
  • Mindham Fine Jewellery*
  • Newell
  • Norstar Corporation
  • National Post*
  • Dr. Dipesh Patel
  • Premium Dock and Marine Systems
  • Pride Pak Canada Ltd.
  • Porter Airlines*
  • Rexall Care Network
  • Slaight Music
  • Sole Power Productions*
  • Spinrite
  • Ashley Swarthout
  • Toronto Paramedics
  • Cory Vitiello


We apologize for the accidental misspelling or omission of donor names. If you have not been appropriately recognized, please contact us at 416-961-6624 or email and we will correct the oversight.




Emily Abrams

Rosalia Adamo

Aishat Agboluaje

Shamilah Ahmad

Michaila Aitcheson

Jahra Akazawa-Eguchi

Shruthi Alapatt

Dr. Sarah Alexander

Samantha Allison

Georgia Alton

Kathryn Alton

Stacey Alweyn

Heather Amadori

Lisa Amerongen

Jamal Amin

Amanda Anderton

Maria Antal

Kalista Antoniuk

Gustavo Aquique

Kim Arbour

Nino Ardizzi

Sophie Arkell

Jennifer Armstrong

Jessica Armstrong

Yoel Asfeha

Rebecca Atkinson

Shelby Austin

Mike Auty

David Avendano Gutte

Nicole Avery

Kaitlyn Axelrod

Rosana Ayoub




Christine Bacchus

Salah Bachir

Evelyn Bak

Erin Baker

Noor Bakir

Marie Balagot

Benjamin Baldwin

Coleen Baldwin

Garrett Bangsboll

Richard Banyard

Elly Barandeh

Jess Barker

Mattie Barnes

Jennifer Baron

Angélique Baron-Brunet

Amale Barrett

Kristen Batten

Brittany Bayliss

Hayley Bean

Madison Beatty

Mikaëlla Beaudoin-LeBlanc

Kyle Beaudry

Madeleine Beaudry

Joline Beauregard

Lydia Beck

Christian Bell

Megan Bellamy

Leslie Bellinger

Brenda Benattar

Jordana Bengall

Lauren Bensadoun

Alena Berger

Gideon Berger

Erica Berlin

Lisa Bernstein

Jordan Berry

Kristin Berry

Andrea Bertrand

Brittany Best

Jay Beswick

Yana Bickova

Aaron Biderman

Katie Bies

Shara Birnbaum

Shelley Black

Cyndie Blackmore

Jeff Blair

Erica Blekkenhorst

Graham Bocking

Kerri Boehmer

Cally Bolton

Megan Bondy

Alison Bone

Josee Bornais

Lea Bouckley

Kathryn Bowers

Danielle Bozinoff

Cait Brenchley

Christie Brenchley

Diana Brenchley

Lindsay Brent

Shannon Brent

Lauren Bridges

Brooke Brimmer

Mindy Broderick

Brad Brohman

Anna Brooks

Jessica Brooks

Michela Brooks

Chantelle Brown

Jack Brzezinski

Bob Buchan

Allison Buchanan

Katey Buchanan

Diandra Budd

Stephanie Bulanda

Rachael Bull

Karen Bulmer

Sandy Bundy

James Bunting

April Buordolone

Hannah Burbidge

Andy Burgess

Andrea Burke

Lauren Burke

Emily Burnett

Alexandra Burns

Brynn Burstyn

India Burton

Jennifer Burton

Eliza Butler



Emilie Caba

Jennifer Cabral

Elizabeth Cain

Laura Cairns

Chantal Campbell

Craig Campbell

Sarah Cannell

Adam Caplan

Kerri Caplan

Stephanie Capobianco

Wendy Carlan

Matt Carrejola

Jennifer Carroll

Krista Carroll

Laura Carson

Andy Carter

Angela Cashell

Anne Cass

Marilyn Cassidy

Liane Catalfo

Carmen Chan

Fraser Chapman

Breanne Cheeseman

Sophia Chen

Corina Chevalier

Alison Chick

Melissa Chin

Ashley Choi

Sarah Chudleigh

Samantha Cicciarella

Vanessa Cifuentes

Candice Clarfield

Graham Clark

Holly Clarke

Kealey Clarke

Alison Clendenning

Dr. Robert Clendenning

Carol Coelho

Rosemary Coelho

Jessica Coke

Sydney Cole

Joanne Collins

Linda Colozza

Emi-Lee Commisso

Julie Constantin

Cassandra Cook

Bronwyn Coombs

Chip Coombs

Katelyn Coombs

Chris Cooper

Braeden Corbeth

Matthew Corbeth

Stephanie Costa

Andrea Cote

Rebecca Cote

Rana Couchman

Denise Coulas

Tammy Cousins

Sarah Craig

Alicia Crane

Laura Creedon

Natalie Cross

Willie Cygelfarb




Serene Da Silva

Kimberly Daffern

Michael D’Agostino

Kate Dalaire

Yvette Dalrymple

Stefani D’Amico

Hannah D’Andrade

Kate Daniels

Becca Darbyshire

Ali Daschko

Jeronimo De Miguel

Adrian De Souza

Eduardo De Souza Meira

Jordan Deans

Olivia DeBiasio

Mary Jo Decourcy

Milad Dehnadi

Catherine Delaire

Rafaella D’Elia

Stefania D’Elia

Keith Dell

Kris Denega

Leslie DePoe

Léanne Deschênes

Jessica deSouza

Samantha deSouza

Mallory Detzler

Nicole Deziel

Fern Diamond-Cooper

Theresa DiFiore

Darcie Dixon

Shane Dolgin

Amy Doris

Campbell Drohan

Kaitlyn Drury

Andrea Dubowick

Islay Duff

Eva Dunford

Stan Dunford

Gordon Dunlop

Sarah Dunn




Maggie Eakett

Roxanne Earle

Joanne Eddy

Brian Edmonds

Helen Edmonds

Jenny Edmonds

Laura Edmonds

Michael Edmonds

Ethan Edwards

Jessica Edwards

Lauren Edwards

Kirsten Efremov

Valantina Efthyvoulou

Grace Egan

Laura Egglestone

Bryden Eisel

Kendra Eisel

Nicola Elbro

Maria Eleusiniotis

Dan Ellis

Megan Ellison

Cristina Emanuele

Amoryn Engel

Kayla Enriquez

Vivian Esmailzadeh

Peter Evans



Alexa Falsetti

Quinn Farrell

Nusrat Fatima

Anne Fawcett

John Fecenko

Nicole Feige

Alexa Feldberg

Benji Feldman

Natasha Fenn

Quinn Finch

Tal Finkelstein

Bryan Fishbein

Alexandra Fisher

Shane Fisher

Lara Fitzgerald-Husek

Andrew Fitzpatrick

Jack Fleischmann

Adam Fleming

Heather Fleming

Kate Flood

Arden Forbes

Victoria Forcina

Emily Foster

Kevin Foster

Nicole Foster

Michelle Foy (Pearlman)

Alex Frankel

Samantha Frankel

Lindsay Fraser

Neil Friedman

Zoey Friedman

Lianne Friesen

Lee Frittenburg

Katanya Fuerst




Kristen Gage

Alyssa Gallant

Nicki Gallo

Anil Ganguly

Deanna Gardiner

Emmanuelle Gattuso

Trish Gaunt

Eden Gelgoot

Maxwell Gelkopf

Whitney Gemmill

Andrew George-Parkin

Adam Gerlings

Vicky Gerlings

Sydney Gerlock

Usneek Ghotra

J Gibson

Dr. Paul Gibson

Duncan Gilfillan

Luke Girard

Sophie Glanz

Jennifer Gleed

Meghan Glibbery

Sandra Goldberg

Ioana Golubovici

Katie Goodfellow

Elise Goodhoofd

Tory Gordon

Rachel Goren

Penelope Gorton

Catherine Goudie

Christopher Graham

Jennifer Graham

Hannah Granovsky

Helena Grbavac

Alannah Grech

Cameron Green

Amrit Grewal

Priscilla Grisales

Jennifer Grossklaus

Michael Grundman

Blair Guilfoyle

Katelyn Guilleman




Christine Hall

Diana Hall

Kelly Hall

Kathryn Hamilton

Lesley Hamilton

Meagan Hamilton

Rachel Hamilton

Jacqueline Harper

Craig Harris

Jeff Harris

Victoria Harris (Webber)

Ian Harrison

Bryn Harvey-Raymond

Sarah Hatton

Linda Haycraft

Mackenzie Heath

Eleanor Hendershot

Brady Henderson

Damyen Henderson

Emilia Henriques

Annie Herman

Nancy Hicks

Paula Hicks

Rosemary Hicks

Rick Hiebert

Conner Higgins

Nicole Higgins

Chris Hill

Sydney Hill

Tenecia Hiller

Shyrin Hirji

Claire Hiscock

Doug Hitchcock

Nancy Hoang

Alison Hock

Geoff Hogarth

Brendon Holder

Bethany Holeschek

Jimmy Holland

Victoria Holz

Andrea Hooker

Kristin Horton

Charlotte Hoskins

Brendan Howarth

Calyssa Hoy

Fay Hsiao

Kate Hubbs

Jordana Huber

Susan Huggett

Roxanne Hummel

Todd Humphrey

Joanna Humphreys

Jennika Hunsinger

Kianna Hydal




Sarah Ignjatov

Madelaine Ingles

Carley Inglis

Kelsey Ingram

Todd Inkila

Andrew Irvine



Maria Jagodkin

Brianne James

Nolan Jarvis

Henna Javed

Danielle Jenner

Kyle Jensen

Adam Jesin

Lauren Jewett

Ladshia Jeyakanthan

Natalie John

Dan Johnson

Ally Johnston

Donna Johnston

Erin Johnston

Heather Johnston

Emily Jones

Rhys Jones

Emma Jowett



Laura Kalef

Lovleen Kaloty

Kesavi Kanagasabai

Sarah Kanani

Coralea Kappel

Dalia Karol

Alexandra Karolidis

Nada Kawar

Emily Kearsley

Zoe Keefer

Tracey Keighley-Clarke

Ciara Kelly

Emma Kelly

Normand Kenneth Maurice Daemon

Priya Khanmaini

Cam Kilvert

Kevin Kim

Sooji Kim

Brianne Kinahan

Nancy King

Kierstin Kinlin

Robert Kirsch-Spring

Hannah Kis

Christoph Klaiber

Michael Klubal

Anna Knowles

Rachel Koh

Michael Kohl

Tanya Kololian

Anna Konga

Daniel Kornblum

Jessica Kotsopoulos

Patricia Koutrouliotis

Kathleen Kovach

Adam Kowalik

Steven Kraft

Sheri Krell

Andrew Krelove

Megan Kunder

Gillian Kuriyan

Victoria Kurtin

Kristen Kuzemko

Ivan Kwan

Fay Kwan Hsiao




Genevieve La Cute

Jim La Hay

Sasha Létourneau

Nadine Labrecque

Dan LaCute

Dan Lafreniere

Paulette Lamb

Mark Lambert

Sam Lambert

Sara Lane

Dylan Langburt

Karin Langenberg

John Langhorne

Jessica Lau

Eugenia Law

Marc Lawrence

Viki Lazaris

James Leckie

Tera Lee

Cathy Lei

Rosemary Leone

Caroline Leps

Andrea Letham

Sasha Létourneau

Melissa Leung

Steven Lewis

Amanda Li

Felix Li

Courtney Liberman

Mira Liebman

Kevin Limeback

Izzar Linares

Allison Lingenfelter

Alison Liphardt

Nancy Lockhart

Samuel Loeb

Rachel Lord

Robyn Loves

Jennifer Lui

Erika Luis

Courtney Lunde

Renee Lurie




Carol Ma

Charise MacDonald

Laura MacDonald

Rebecca MacDonald

Jess MacInnis

Ellie Macintosh

Emma Macintosh

Rachel MacLeod

Jennifer Maeba

Ariana Magliocco

Frank Magliocco

Brenna Mahony

Hilary Mair

Rahul Makhija

Sydney Malek

Dr. David Malkin

Emily Maloney

Elisabeth Manley

Leanna Mann

Kesayini Manoharan

Nerdin Mansour

Mahkameh (May) Mansourian

Jason Maraschiello

Samantha Marchand

Maddy Marchildon

Jaclyn Marcus

Michelle Marcus

Paul Marcus

Eric Mark

Kelly Mark

Stephanie Martin

Benjamin Martinez

Susana Martinez

Emily Masry

Michelle Masters

Gia Mastrogiacomo

Ian Matthews

Tammy Maxwell

Patricia McCarthy

Connie Mcclemens

Kate McCormick

Don McCreesh

Anne McDougall

Peter McGeown

Jaime McGowen

Brian McGrath

Dale McIntosh

Madelyn McLaughlin

Sue McMillan

Kirsti McNabney

Brooklyn McNeely

Beth McNeil

Clare McNeil

Pam Mecklinger

Monisa Mees

Christopher Mehak

Jonathan Memme

Rosemarie Mercury

Jessica Merritt

Stephanie Metcalfe

Andrea Metrick

Theo Michalarias

Victoria Milligan

Brianna Mills

Katie Mills

Katie Milne

Myles Mindham

Nikhita Mirchandani

Anna Miroshnychenko

Andrew Misner

Megan Misner

Jyoti Modgil

Aliyyah Mohammed

Vito Mola

Tayler Morencie

Enrico Moretti

Darren Mossman

Nailya Mukhametova

Maram Muktar

Robyn Munno

Judy Munro

Katelyn Murphy

Frances Murray



Juda Nalevka

Ashley Nardella

Sarah Nelles

Kim Neuendorff

Jaclyn Ng Man Chuen

Nhi (Thi Van Nhi) Nguyen

Kelley Nichols

Lee Nichols

Stephanie Nickerson

Stefan Nicoloff

Louisa Niedermann

Misha Nili

James Noronha

Melissa Noronha

Indigo Notice



Ciara O’Sullivan

Sarah Ogle

Tom O’Hara

Lilah Olechowski

Alice Oloya

Allison O’Mara

David Opiola

Luke O’Regan

Suzanne O’Regan

Ben Ornstein

Meriam Eva Oro

Monika Orzechowski

Chelsea Oswald

Alia Oudeh




Amandeep Padam

Sasha Palmert

Nick Palozzi

Diana Pamula

Patricia Pamula

Anna (Jing Wei) Pan

Alisha Panjwani-Nathoo

Sangeetha Paramathas

Andrew Parkinson

Taylor Parrott

Matthew Pasquali

Peter Pasternak

Vanessa Pastoric

Krupesh Patel

Prutha Patel

Lauren Paterson

Ilana Patlan

Laura Patton

Brianna Pattyn

Sara Pedota

Fiona Penny

Rachel Penny

Candace Pequegnat

Alison Perry

Dayna Persaud

Eden Peters

Lynda Peters

Jennen Phelan

Danielle Piano

Susy Picco

Courtney Pickering

Laura Pilla

Isabelle Pinto

Megan Pinto

Mignonne Pinto

Wavell Pinto

Odette Pires-Cunha

Ryan Plener

Darya Podolskaya

Alana Podreciks

Deanna Podreciks

Cheryl Poirier

Andrea Polidori

Elliot Polster

Chris Ponesse

Ayrlea Porter

Adam Potts

Suzanne Poznanska

Jessica Pozzulo

Jennifer Purves




Keelia Quinn de Launay

Marion Quintana

Marvie Quintana

Jacquelyn Quirk


Noam Raiter

Fozia Raja

Juliana Rajacic

Kimberly Ralphs

Sheena Ramanoop

Cindy Ramdowar

Jason Ramos

Shireen Rangwala

Victoria Rauseo

Sabrina Ravenda

Alyssa Redfern

Andy Redmond

Mark Redmond

Russell Reeves

Safa Rehman

Karen Reich

Jessica Reinprecht

Hugh Rennie

Christine Rezvanian

Rachel Ribeiro

Mikaila Ricalis

Gonzalo Riva

Samantha Robbins

Sarah Robbins

Alexander Robertson

Briar Robertson

John Robertson

Barb Robertson-Mann

Arianne Robinson

Daniel Robinson

Lisa Robinson

Danielle Roelands

Jodi Rogers

Marvin Rosenberg

Michael Rosenberg

Melissa Rosenburg

Sandra Ross

Sandra Ross

Bev Rosser

Bevalah Rosser

Stephen Rotstein

Alyssa Ruccolo

Valentina Rumeo

Andrew Rytel




Grace Saati

Golan Sahraei

Katherine Sainsbury

Tara Saldutto

Claudia Sallese

Paula Sanderson

Ryan Sanford

Camila Santos

Mitchell Sarjeant

Celia Saunders

James Scarlett

Victoria Scarlett

Stacey Schell

Camille Schlievert

Jesse Schneider

Stephanie Schreiber

Sheryl-Ann Schrik

Christina Schuermer

Alessia Sconza

Ben Scott

Katie Scott

Melanie Scott

Olivia Scott

Shannon Scrocchi

Milena Seevaratanm

Bobbi Seigmiller

David Seligman

Nicky Seligman

Samantha Seligman

Emily Sellan

Alison Senyk

Juliana Serna

Anthony Sestito

Caroline Seto

Michelle Seto

Sabrina Seymour

Jenna Shamata

Ashley Shantz

Meghan Shantz

Rishi Sharma

Katie Shaw

Melanie Shaw

Carolyn Sheehan

Laura Sheriff

Kevin Sherry

Daniel Shimkovitz

Nora Shipley

Martin Shook

Adrienne Shoom

Bailey Shoom-Kirsch

Arun Shrivats

Arvind Shrivats

Julia Silano

Maddie Simandl

Laura Simmons

Lisa Simone

Candice Sinclair

Chantal Singh

Jagdamba Singh

Shane Singh

Gayathiriy Sivakumaran

Natalie Sloof

Sarah Smart

Dion Smith

Jessica Smith

Brianne Snell

Sharon Sohal

Hayden Solomon

Sara Son Hing

Troy Sotelo

Kaitlyn Spivak

Kendra St Cyr

Joel St. Onge

Julia Staffen

Alex Stamp

Julie Stanton

Ann Stark

Debbie Steiss

Lisa Stephens

Alexis Stern

Mackenzie Stern

Robyn Stevens

Bailey Stevenson

Kate Stewart

Peter Stewart

Sydney Stewart

Jonathan Still

Lilyan Stoddard

Natalie Street

Laura Sumpter

Georgina Sun

Deepthi Sundararajan

Lashaanii Sutharsan

Tess Sutherland

Jonathan Sweeney-Bergen

Lauren Szedlak



Dr. Uri Tabori

Sevil Tabrizi Miandoab

Elizabeth Talbot

Jake Taub

Lesley Tavel

Nicole Taylor

Hilary Taynen

Erin Temple

Payton Tenebaum

Shezmin Thawer-Solomon

Kiran Thiara

Johannes Thoma

Lesley Thompson

Shayna Tierney

Yudit Timbo

Caitlin Tino

Olivia Tischler

Abby Tobias

Caroline Toch

Anthea Tonelli

Julian Torres

Stefanie Torres

Nick Tory

Vicky Tran

Sabrina Travierso

Madeline Trenholm

Judy Tripp

Taylor Tripp

Allison Tse

Allison Tunnoch

Kalleen Turchet

Natasha Turner

Stephen Turvey

Melanie Tustin




Gabby Umrao

Kiran Uppal





Panda Vallecilla

Madeleine Valli

Judy Van Clieaf

Megan van der Merwe

Chloe Van Landschoot

Lauren van Nierop

Roseanne VanHoof

Aniko Vargha

Anna Vasina

Emilia Verdoliva

Melanie Vey

Stephanie Vilenkin

Anita Villani

Katrina Villeneuve

Lauren Viner

Sarah Vingoe

Christian Vit

Kyra Vitko

Felix Vogt



Natalie Waddell

Kaitlin Wainwright

Meaghan Walker

Scott Walker

Nicco Walker-Ng

Fiona Wang

Lily Wang

Lindsay Ward

Ted Warner

Emily Watson

Riley Watson

Pam Watt

Jessica Weisberg

Anne Welland

Becky Wengle

Leah West

Shelley Wexler-Friedman

Hannah Whaley

Gavin White

Dr. James Whitlock

Karen Whitney

Kendra Wilcox

Kate Wiley

Marg Wiley

Sue Wilgosh

Cindy Williams

Jay Williams

Megan Williams

Rebecca Williams

Ronald Williamson

Alyssa Willoughby

Andrea Wilson

Carolyn Wilson

Natalie Wilson

Stephanie Wilson

Nicholas Wingrove

Noah Wolfe

Kathryn Woodward

Shannon Wrighte

Rachel Wylie





Adam Yan

Mario Yany

Beverly Yap

Silvia Yee

Jacob Yerex

Elena Yim

Libby Young

Philip Young

Chuxuan Yu




Jennifer Zakoor

Matthew Zavitz

Deborah Zemans

Jillian Zeppa

Alina Zgardau

Angela Zhang

Clara Zhang

Lu Zhang

Jason Zicherman

Evaline Zisis

Alex Zorzi

Jen Zuccaro

Hannah Zuckerman


We apologize for the accidental misspelling or omission of volunteer names. If you have not been appropriately recognized, please contact us at 416-961-6624 or email and we will correct the oversight.


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