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Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium to Merge

Cancer doesn’t stop at city or regional boundaries, and now, neither do we! On September 26, 2019, during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Camp Ooch and Camp Trillium announced a merger agreement aimed at furthering their shared goal of reaching every child and family affected by childhood cancer across Ontario.

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Childhood cancer changes a kid's life

So does Camp. Camp Ooch is a privately funded charity that brings laughter and joy to kids affected by childhood cancer.

Our Community, In-Hospital and Overnight Camp programs give kids self-confidence and a sense of belonging at any stage of their cancer journey.

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Ooch gives kids the social cure for cancer

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Friendship, laughter & fun

One camper playing the guitar while another plays bongos in the music studio of Ooch Muskoka

A sense of belonging

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Life-changing support

Camp Ooch was probably the first place where I didn’t feel so different anymore. I was surrounded by people just like me having a great time and laughing, and it made me feel comfortable enough to just be myself and not the “kid with cancer".

— Larissa, Ooch Camper

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gives four kids the chance to just be kids while in the hospital


gives two kids a day of Community program fun, close to home


gives one kid a full week of cabin sleeps and Ooch Olympic games

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In trees or in treatment, Ooch
is there for you

Our Volunteers and staff have joined thousands of families on their journey with childhood cancer since 1983. Camp Ooch programs run in paediatric oncology centres and communities all across Ontario.

In-Hospital programs

We meet kids soon after their diagnosis, bringing moments of fun and laughter to them, their siblings, and parents during time in hospital.

Community programs

We bring the Magic of Ooch close to home with year-round Community programs across Ontario.

Overnight programs

Ooch Muskoka – the only Overnight Camp in Canada to provide IV chemotherapy and blood transfusions – hosts programs for kids, teens, and bereaved siblings.